Simone Selva, Ph.D.

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My two current research project, both in the early stage and scheduled for as long as a four year time period are as below:

Industrial competitiveness and European trade integration: the Italian capitalism and economic globalization throughout the 1950s and 1960s

The research project is aimed at reconstructing the internationalization of the Italian economy under Bretton Woods as the by-product of a tight interweaving between an internal capital-intensive industrial modernization and a competitive foreign trade policy in the framework of the broader Western bloc economic area and the closer intra-European market. This process of economic internationalization took place against any of the European markets, the most important one was the German economy.

The International Political Economy of Mass Market between the US and Western Europe. Private consumptions and public policies under the Bretton Woods regime

This project contends that under Bretton Woods the US took a lead in shaping Western European mass market oriented consumer societies. International Economic Institutions backed by the US (IBRD, IMF, NATO) will be pointed out. The set of market-oriented trade and monetary policies underpinning the US support for European growth, will be regarded as the external constraints to the West European politics of private consumptions leading to internal stability and expansion.

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